NHL '94 Blitz League

Welcome to the NHL '94 Blitz League website. This site hosts an online league where competitors play an updated version of EA's classic Sega Genesis NHL'94 game against each other over the Internet. All statistics from the games are recorded on the site (by simply saving the game and uploading the resulting file). If you are interested in joining in, check out the About page for more information on joining and playing.

A few of the main features of this particular league are: Original players, but drafted teams. Weight Bug fixed. Promotion/relegation between "A" and "B" leagus, plus a Farm league for new coaches. The draft has free-pick and protection-pick rounds, so you keep some players between seasons.

Season 07 Underway!

July 12, 2012

After some technical issues with the forums and much anticipation, Blitz Season 07 is off and running now for a few weeks! Four "B" coaches make the jump into "A" this year:

While five new coaches make their Blitz debut in "B":

The B league has been most active thus far, playing almost 17 games on average of the 44 game regular season. da94wookiee has come out strong, amassing a 22-5 record (1 OT win) in his first 27 games. Mark Messier leads the way on both ends of the ice with his incredible checking (11.4 checks/g) and playmaking skills (3.556 pts/g). No other B coach has been that dominant thus far, and it will be interesting to see how the rest of the field shakes out as more games are played.

The A league has started out much slower, with less than 8 games on average played, and 2 coaches yet to get started. Season 06 champ Freydey32 looks to repeat this year with a nasty defensive pairing of Paul Coffey and Rob Blake, while runner-up snoboarder3211 tries to get back to the finals for a chance at his 3rd Blitz title.

-- KingRaph

Epic Game!

December 18th, 2010

Early in the season, Zalex1414, newly promoted from the "B" league to the "A" league, and his Chicago Blackhawks rolled into virtual Buffalo to take on Blitz newcomer swos94, former GDL champ, in a match that will never be forgotten by either coach. Watch the game, below!

-- smozoma

Plus/Minus Statistic added

December 18th, 2010

This has been on the site since the start of Season 5, but I should note it here. Over the summer, I added a plus/minus statistic to the game, and the Blitz website now tracks and shows this stat. Check it out on the Player Stats, Team, and Player pages. Unfortunately, there is no way to get the plus/minus stats from seasons 1-4.

Season 5 Information

July 29th, 2010

The new season will start up around the same time the real NHL starts up, in September-October.

There could be something new, though: I would like to expand to have 4 separate levels, A, B, C, and D, rather than A, B, Farm. In order to decide who goes in which level, I want to hold a huge tournament in September. I'll post more details on this on the forum when it's about to start.

Also, since I haven't had to spend time on league management this summer, I spent some time figuring out more ways to modify the game. Here are the new mods that will be included in the league's ROM:

These are in addition to the mods that have been used in previous seasons:

Season 4 Finals Over!

May 1st, 2010

"A" league champion

Unfortunately, there was a mishap when recording the "A" league finals, so we don't have videos of this series. We do have the videos for the "B" finals, though, so keep reading.

It turned out that the final 4 games of the regular season were between the eventual Stanley Cup finalists. In the regular season, the Ottawa Senators (jesusplaysnhl94) took the first three games by a total score of 11-7, but then were soundly beaten by the Philadelphia Flyers (snoboarder3211) in the 4th game, 9-3. It appears the Flyers learned something in those 4 games, as they bowled through the Senators in 4 consecutive games in the finals, by a cumulative score of 23-6.

Congratulations to snoboarder3211 for becoming the first repeat champion in the Blitz league! He won season 2, and was the runner up in season 3. Jesusplaysnhl94 had a great season, as well, with his first drafted team (he inherited a team in season 2 and didn't play in season 3).

Eric Lindros (PHI) won the Conn Smythe Trophy as the "A" League playoff MVP, scoring 29G-20A-49Pts in 15 games and dishing out 226 checks, an astounding 15 per game. He even stepped it up to 16 per game in the finals, in keeping Ottawa power forward Cam Neely at bay. Neely had a great playoffs, amassing a total of 29G-18A-47Pts in 15 games, but was held to just 2G-1A-3Pts in the final. Doug Gilmour (PHI) led the playoffs in goals with 31. The top performing goalies were actually both eliminated in the first round. Andy Moog (NYR) was shelled with 16.83 shots per game by the Flyers and maintained a 0.733 save percentage in extending the series to 6 games. Wendell Young (DET) had a 3.13 GAA in 6 games vs the Florida Panthers (and some would say if the Red Wings had started him in game 1, they could have won the series, as Irbe was abysmal).

You can view the playoff results tree on the Playoffs Page.

"B" league champion

The "B" finals can be watched on the YouTube playlist!

Underdogs once again reached the "B" finals. This season, 4th-seed STL (Iceguy94) made their first finals appearance, and underperforming defending "B" champs VAN (gihtarman) knocked off the top 2 seeds to make it back to the finals. The teams split the first 4 games, but then home ice advantage took over for the final 3 games and the Blues won their their first "B" league championship, in a 7-game series.

Tomas Sandstrom smashed offensive playoff records, setting marks for goals, points, powerplay goals, powerplay points, and shots, scoring 53G-23A-76Pts in 18 games with 10G-4A-14Pts on the powerplay and 135 shots. He also tied Mario Lemieux's season 3 record of 9 game-winning goals. There was no debate in awarding him the Conn Smythe trophy. STL's Ron Hextall and BOS's John Blue both led the "B" league in save percentage, at 0.688. Ron Hextall also had a league-best 3.20 GAA.

You can view the playoff results tree on the Playoffs Page. Once again, here's the YouTube playlist.

Season 4 Starting Up!

Dec 29th, 2009

Things are starting to warm up for the fourth season of the Blitz 94 League! Check out the forums for details.

Keep reading to find out who won the Season 3 cups!

Season 3 Finals Over!

Dec 29th, 2009

"A" league champion

The "A" finals can be watched on the YouTube playlist!

Though the Philadelphia Flyers, coached by snoboarder3211, took a 2-0 lead in the series, The Montreal Canadiens (Freydey32) stormed back with 4 straights wins to take home the cup.

Brett Hull (MTL) won the Conn Smythe Trophy as the "A" League playoff MVP, scoring 38G-12A-50Pts in 17 games, including 9 powerplay goals and 7 game winners. Yzerman (MTL) led the scoring race with 28G-28A-56Pts, but Hull's 21 goals in the Finals is a record that is unlikely to fall any time soon. Eric Lindros (PHI) carried his team on his back to the finals, and dished out 188 body checks along the way, more than twice any other player in the "A" league playoffs (Dave Ellet (MTL) had 93). Mike Richter (MTL) had a stellar .714 Save Percentage, second best to FLA's Chris Terreri (.721)

You can view the playoff results tree on the Playoffs Page. Once again, here's the YouTube playlist.

"B" league champion

The "B" finals can be watched on the YouTube playlist!

The top two seeds were knocked out again in the second round of the "B" League playoffs, sending the 3rd seed Mighty Ducks of Anaheim (Houlanov) and 5th seed Vancouver Canucks (gihtarman) to the finals for the first time. The Vancouver team, headed by superstar Mario Lemieux was too much for Recchi, Kontos, and the rest of the Anaheim squad, taking the series in 5 games.

Mario Lemieux dominated the playoffs from start to finish, scoring a Blitz record 49 playoff goals (49G-4A-53Pts) in 16 games, and was awarded the "B" League Conn Smythe Trophy. John Vanbiesbrouk also led all goalies in both leagues with a 2.95 Goals Against Average. His .704 Save Percentage was also the best in the "B" league.

You can view the playoff results tree on the Playoffs Page. Once again, here's the YouTube playlist.

Season 2 Finals Over!

Aug 6th, 2009

"A" league champion

The Philadelphia Flyers, coached by snoboarder3211 defeated the defending champ Tampa Bay Lightning (angryjay93) in 5 games to take home the "A" League Stanley Cup! Mark Messier took home the Conn Smythe trophy, scoring 34G-17A-51Pts in 16 games and recording 238 checks -- more than twice as many checks as anyone else in the playoffs. You can watch the series on Youtube:

You can also watch a couple games from the semi-final series between the Flyers and the Dallas Stars (smozoma): Game 1, Game 2 (marathon overtime). (I never got around to converting the other 3 games... the time was better spent converting the finals).

"B" league champion

The Washington Capitals (hokkeefan2) came back from a 3-games-to-1 deficit to take the "B" league Stanley Cup in 7 games against the Boston Bruins (sonoffett87). Patrick Roy won the Conn Smythe trophy, compiling a 12-5 record and a league-leading 2.91 GAA in the playoffs, as well as a solid 0.742 save percentage (good for 2nd in the playoffs). Washington also benefited from the incredibly well-balanced offense generated by Dino Ciccarelli (51 pts), Brendan Shanahan (40), and Wendel Clark (38), who finished 1,3,4 in playoff scoring. There are no youtube videos for this series, but check out the boxscores below:

Season 2 Starting Up!

Jan 17th, 2008

Things are starting to warm up for Season 2 of the Blitz 94 League! Check out the forums for details.

Keep reading to find out who won the Season 1 cups!

Season 1 Over!

Jan 17th, 2008

"A" league champion

angryjay93 pulled off a miracle with the rag-tag Tampa Bay Lightning team. He pulled off two 7-game series victories against Vocally Caged and snoboarder3211, and then hit his stride and swept thegr8199kings in the finals to bring home the first Blitz "A" League Stanley Cup!

"B" league champion

Flamingpavelbure sailed through the first two rounds of the playoffs in consecutive sweeps against metzgerism and rynweinmeyer, but was pressed to the 7-game limit by smozoma's Dallas Stars. A convincing 4-1 Game 7 victory brought the first Blitz "B" League Stanley Cup home to Detroit!

Season 1 Restarted!

Sept 12th, 2008

The league died during the summer (as I should have expected), so we're restarting this fall. There is a big change: since I figured out how to fix the Weight Bug, we're going to use the fix in the new ROM, rather than the adjusted weights we were using before. Since this changes things a bit, we're going to have a short free agent period where coaches can replace some of their newly-useless guys with some slightly better guys (details to come).

You can download the new preseason ROM from the downloads page. This ROM has the weight bug fix in it, and the PIM stat for each player has been replaced with a CHK stat, so you know how many checks each player did each game(!). Only checks during play count -- checks after the whistle don't count (though they still count in the Game Stats screen). An excel sheet with the players is also available.

Season 1 Started!

July 17th, 2008

Game on! See the Download page for the ROM. You can switch between the "A" and "B" league using the League links at the top of the pages.


The A/B draft is now over. See the forums for trading, free agent, and lines information.

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