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Navigating the Website

It can be a bit tricky using the website sometimes. This is because of the way I separated the different leagues. When you first come to the site, the information for the "A" league is shown to you -- when you go the Standings or other statistics pages, you see the "A" league stats.

However, there is also a "B" league and a "Farm" league. At the top of each page, there is a place where it says:
Leagues: "A" "B" Farm

The un-linked league is the league you're currently set up to view. If you click the "B" or "Farm" league links, a cookie is created on your computer that tells the website to show stats from that league instead of the other leagues.

Confusion can result if you try to view statistics from different leagues at the same time (in separate tabs/windows) because if you load a page with the "A" league selected, then open another tab with the "B" league, then return to the first page and try to sort, it'll switch to the "B" league, due to the cookie.