How to Play

Getting Started

The "Getting Started" guide covers how to set up your computer and play a game online. You MUST use the suggested emulator; this emulator has been specially modified so it can create savegame files while playing online. (You can also use the Kega Fusion emulator if your opponent agrees)

Get the ROM

Get the ROM for your league from the Downloads page.

How to Save and Upload Your Game's Statistics

When your game is over and the Three Stars are displayed on the screen, press the F5 key on your keyboard in order to create a save-state file. This is a file with one of the extensions .gs0, .gs1, ... .gs9 (depending on which 'save slot' you have selected). The default save location is in the same folder as gens-netplaysave.exe.

DO NOT EXIT the game before making your savestate. If you exit back to the main menu, the statistics will be lost.

The winner of the game should upload the game, but BOTH players should make a save-state, just in case the other person misses it.

Next, go to the Blitz Blitz 94 Upload page and log in. Your username is your AIM name as it appears in the league Standings; ask me (smozoma) if you don't know your password. Use the League switch links at the top of the page, if you don't see your name (League: "A" "B" Farm).

You'll be shown a list of your unplayed games. Select the game you just played in the list, and use the "Browse..." button to select the savestate (.gs0 or .gs1 or..etc) you just created. Click the "Upload" button to upload the game. It'll take a few seconds to upload, then the page will reload and, if all went well, you'll get a link to the boxscore for your game so you can see the statistics from that game. The list of games will be below that.

NOTE: When the page reloads after you upload a game, the game you just selected will STILL be in the list. If you play another game against the same team, make sure you select the correct game in the list, or you may get an error message saying you tried to submit a game that was already submitted.

Be aware of who is going to upload the game. You don't want to both upload the game, because you may end up uploading the same savestate into two game IDs. If that happens, you need to contact me (smozoma) to get the duplicate game deleted. Typically, the winner of the game should upload.